About email and notification alert preferences

A range of emails and notification alerts are available to caravancampingsales users to help make the most of the experience. These emails and alerts range from the latest news and reviews from the caravancampingsales Editorial team, member exclusive offers and promotions as well as new caravan price change alerts.   

You can set up email alerts direct to your inbox when a caravan matching your description is listed for sale, when a caravan you’re looking at has been sold or is attracting a lot of attention from other potential buyers. This way you can ensure the caravan of your dreams doesn’t get snapped up by someone else!  


You can receive two types of alerts to help you on your buying journey 

  • Saved item alerts: We’ll let you know when there are updates to an car you’ve saved, like price changes or increasing interest 
  • Saved search alerts: Receive a notification when new items are listed in your saved search 

To view available email alerts, visit Preferences in your caravancampingsales account. 

  1. First, sign in to your caravancampingsales account 
  2. Select the Preferences tab from the member centre menu 
  3. Once in preferences, scroll down the list to view active alerts 



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